About Us

Create next generation of Aji-stone

Okubo Enterprise, Inc.

it’s a company that manages 600,000 square meters mountain of which the Okubos owned. Their business is following:

  • Flood control forest conservation work.
  • Instruction mining operations to 10 miners companies, and coordination with them.
  • Adjustment with relevant public organization for the authorization projects based on quarrying method.
  • Enlightenment activities of Aji Stone such as “Mure Genpei Ishi Akari Road”
COMPANY Daitetsu, Inc.
ADRESS 10-7 Aji-cho Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa-ken JAPAN 761-0130
PHONE / +81-87-871-4828
PRESIDENT Kazuhiko Ookubo
HISTORY Established in June 8, 1967
Company name change at Jun 20, 1979


  • Wholeheartedly works of Aji Stone in handmade

    Daiseki Industry, Inc.

    The only stone processing company in Japan that deals with only Aji stone.
    It deals with only superlative Aji stone delivered from 10 affiliated suppliers of “ochoba” to self-possession.