Personal Audio System


AZISound is a personal audio system that can be immersed in sound without spoiling the sound quality even with a small sound.

The sound of the earth – AZiS

The use of stone to audio

We have received from the customer evaluation such as comments.
“The sound of AZIS products, which also have the same kind of sound.”
Despite that is used with different electronic circuitry and components, Why just as beautiful or sound is coming out?
we feel that the reason is due to Aji stone largely.

Aji stone has history more than 400 years since the start of mining.
Further, hundreds of millions of years has elapsed from further birth of Aji stone.
This audio system got a soul by Aji stone dug out from long time, it is AZIS.

Try to really listen

Go to listen!
Try to really listen

AZIS does not have published the measurement data of the material.
Data that the reflectance and attenuation rate of sound is an important factor. However, these are just only one of the indicators of the goodness of the sound.

Music, always sound pressure changes in dynamic, strong sound, gentle sound, such as sound shiny, will change various by music listening. With today’s technology , measured data is not possible to express their.

Testing the sound