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muSa one

Silent Audio PC supported Hi-Res

muSa one

Imagine a PC with no keyboard, monitor, or hard disk, dedicated to the sole purpose of playing music. Not to mention that it doesn't make a sound... Introducing the muSa one music streamer.

Control the sound by your smart device

Free Apps
Control the sound by your smart device

Connect a USB sound source and then control the playback from your iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet.
With your smart device in hand, you can wander far from the audio system and still select music from hundreds of albums, or listen to any of your preset Internet radio stations.

Supported High-Resolution Audio

24-bit/192kHz format / DAC
High-Resolution Audio

And because the muSa one supports the 24-bit/192kHz format, you can also connect an external DAC.

Some external DACs require the installation of a Linux driver.

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Music server

muSa one

Linux distribution : Voyage MPD v0.75
Internal processor : Intel Atom processor Z510 1.1GHz
Built-in USB DAC

PRICE : 330,000 yen without taxStock / Delivery:BTO

This product due to the end of production, we are only able to sale inventory. Please contact us for stock.

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