Charm of Aji stone

AZIS uses the expensive Aji stone generously, product quality and pursues the both of design deeply.
Seamless design expansion is done from audio to stationary.

Precision, expression and advanced characteristic

Design predominance of Aji stone

Precision, expression and advanced characteristic

There are several features which are suited for the audio product interior product in the Aji stone.

  • Precise processing is possible.


    Precise processing is possible.

    The hardness which is close to the crystal because of the small particle, it can designate processing as high accuracy, it is optimum as a material of the frame.

  • Colorful expression


    Colorful expression

    It is possible to take in colorful texture to design, with grinding manner.

  • Recent audio material


    Recent audio material

    Recently, the case which uses the stone for the high-end audio equipment is started.

‘Fu’ and woodworking

Harmony with the lumber

'Fu' and woodworking

The white sycamore is used in the lumber which covers the surface of the AZIS product.
The white sycamore is famous as a name vessel Stradivarius material. As for this material there is a feature in beautiful pattern, commonly also Chijimimoku has three dimensional depth which is called.

‘Fu’ of the Aji stone and, harmony of this ‘grain’ has given beauty to the AZIS product where texture of the material lives together in a complicated way.

Small sound can be expressed beautifully.

Charm as an audio material

Small sound can be expressed beautifully.

The Aji stone has given predominance at the time of the concept of the AZIS audio product that ‘it expresses small sound beautifully’.

The frame and the substrate and wiring in vibrate due to the reflected sound of the sound which comes out of the speaker, the vibration generates the electromagnetic wave around and becomes cause of noise.
In the high-end audio equipment it becomes the element whose it is important to hold down the vibration which becomes cause of noise.

The Aji stone has high hardness, in addition because the particle is detailed, as for that hardness because it has possessed uniformity, can suppress the vibration.
In addition it is the non-magnetic material simultaneously, these become very ideal character as an audio material.

Fusion of beauty of material

The respective beauty was pulled out to the maximum.

Fusion of beauty of material

AZIS does not decorate unnecessarily. As been able to taste Aji stone original beauty, gives the standardized impression even in color of the other material, as for the material of the tree as for not only the surface, in order also section to be visible that way, you design.

While closely examining the material of the thin board, adjusting the direction and color tone of the grain, it has produced also the laminate at the respective company.

By the fact that you adhere, beauty of the stone and beauty of the tree fusing to detail, the delicate style of AZIS is completed.
You use the AZIS product the place where the expensive material is done sweetly without, are pulling out material original beauty to the maximum.

The top of the line can be purchased reasonably.

It is the respective company development product which has the area of production and process technology.

The top of the line can be purchased reasonably.

The greatest in the world as for being possible to use the high stone positively, is because it can process at the respective company, with the mountain which produces the Aji stone at the respective company.

Only AZIS can offer those products because of developed from network player to amplifier and speaker by our high techniacl power and having mountain of the Aji stone which is the material where the interior and audio are superior.s