>Tab Stand mini

Tab Stand mini

Handles tablets of any thickness

Tab Stand mini

Fitted with movable positioning pins, this holder can handle tablets of any thickness.
Your favorite tablet is held firmly in place, so you can go ahead and tap and swipe to your heart's content.

For 8 inches below tablet PC

GALAXY Tab and iPad mini and etc.
For GALAXY Tab and iPad mini and etc.

By the position of the center of gravity and weight of the stone, it will firmly hold the tablet PC.


Because this has the pins that can be moved, and the cushion of scratch-resistant, it will support any thicknesses.

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Tab Stand mini

H : 114mm / W : 84mm / D : 135mm

PRICE : 55,000 yen without taxStock / Delivery:BTO

This product due to the end of production, we are only able to sale inventory. Please contact us for stock.

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