Reduces the burden on your shoulder


You can order freely the desk material, width, and depth
In accordance with the work content and type, let you continue to pursue the perfect desk.

Valuable “4cm”

The meaning of reducing the height
Valuable 4cm

When you make a long-term work at the desk that do not fit on your body, it can become a headache or feel the fatigue, or have tendonitis. The height of desk of AZiS is focused to resolve it.

General height of work desk is 70cm, but we finally discover that 66cm is best height. It’s just a little difference compared to the general size. But it is a “great 4cm”.

If this height does not fit in your height, you will be able to order any size to fit your body. AZiS will build the desk of only one to the world for you.s

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Made-to-order system


It's used natural wood in 47mm top board.
DESK66 audio is incorporated S3 audio system with a built-in "clean power"

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