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Ink Server

For your fountain pan.

Ink Server

The ink refilling process may feel somewhat like a chore at first, but once you gain a little experience, it quickly becomes one of the joys of using your fountain pen. For this very reason, ink bottle manufacturers devote a great deal of time and energy to the design of their products. Though the designs are elaborate to be sure, it is often difficult to clearly see how far the nib is actually submersed in the ink. And we all know that feeling that the ink bottle could topple over if we make the wrong move. As a result, it can often be hard to actually enjoy the process of refilling the ink.

Accentuate the interior aesthetics

Introducing the AZiS “Ink Server”.
Accentuate the interior aesthetics

We’ve designed the Ink Server so that refilling your fountain pen is a smooth, effortless, and enjoyable process. When you go to dip the nib into the ink, you’ll always be able to see how far it is actually submerged, making it much easier to draw the ink up into the reservoir.

And with its antique-like design, the Ink Server ranscends pure functionality to accentuate the interior aesthetics of any room. Featuring an elegant fusion of glass and precious “Aji-ishi” stone, the Ink Server is sure to earn a spot on your desk at the office or home.

Two types of glass

Enjoy the matching of lid and a glass.
Two types of glass

The base of the Ink Server is available in two types of glass: a clear soda-lime glass, and a glass with a more classic, retro-inspired design. Since each Server is hand-crafted, some air bubbles may form in the glass itself.

The lid is made of high-quality Aji-ishi stone, and is also available in two types: an unpolished surface that preserves the actual wedge marks made when the quarry stone was split, and a polished surface featuring the stone’s naturally-formed indentations. We’re sure you’ll enjoy mixing and matching.


Ease and precision

How to use

First, load your favorite ink into the Ink Server using the dropper provided. When you do, make sure not to fill the Server too high. Fill it to about the eighth scale mark, and then place the Aji-ishi stone cover on top.

The cover is conveniently designed so that you can rest the barrel or cap on top. The base of the Server is angled in such a way that even when the ink is running low, it is drawn up into the fountain pen reservoir with ease and precision.

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Ink Server for Fountain Pen

Ink Server

Supervised by Noutomi Yasukuni
AZiS Ink Server / AZiS Ink Server Primitive

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