The people who relate to production

In design, woodworking, metal process, audio technology and Aji stone processing…
It is the product to which AZIS the professional of various fields, makes the technology concentrate and produces.

  • Yasuhiko Ishikawa

    Yasuhiko Ishikawa

    To the field of audio.

    He was active with grafic and production design, and then illustrating and photographer.
    From 2010 he was absorbed to the design development of AZIS. All designs are done.

    e was fixed to the world of the audio which is avoided so far. As for him other than good design prize, with product and graphic design various design prizes many prize winning. In 2009 he held photograph private exhibition in New York.

  • Ikuru Suto

    Ikuru Suto

    Technology and sense of furniture craftsman

    He wa acquiring the Swedish furniture craftsman qualification with Carl Malmsten CTD of the European highest peak.
    After the 2009 returning home, the technology and sense are shown with AZIS.

    Fine construction the beautiful curve produces the elegant furniture.
    As for the enclosing cabinet for Hasselblad camera of hobby with other things it is the masterpiece which cannot do to see.

  • Hiroichi Kubo

    Hiroichi Kubo

    Balance of design and process technology

    As for him with the product development of AZIS, the bottom know-how of metal processing which cannot be known is expanded.
    He is well versed to the material and processing, designing and processing skillfully it is taking hat off in the capacity which balance is done.

    In the AZIS product, the progressive technology which cannot do in the place where it is not visible to see with other things is used and has helped design. He is Artisan who has flexible conception. He not only precise metal processing, has taken charge also the production design of various parts.

  • Yuichi Yamamoto

    Yuichi Yamamoto

    The sound craftsman of AZIS

    The person who searches suitable sound in AZIS, arrives lastly.
    Does he exceeds the distinction of digital and analog, do what in order to approach to the essence of sound? If it is not, he is ARTISAN who makes by yourself.

    From the plane surface speaker of the surprise, to the speaker which does not have the enclosure. He is the clear brain which supports the sound of AZIS.

  • Kazuhiko Ookubo

    Kazuhiko Ookubo

    History of Aji stone to the following generation

    As for him from 400 year ago, even in the Aji stone the Ookubo house 17 generation which protects the business large site which can take the highest stone this it is main.
    With processing the Aji stone, showing highest technology. With flexible thought, application of the Aji stone is expanded.

    It is the person whom he knows from strength of the Aji stone to the weak point and exhausts.
    The movie which designates the Aji stone as theme “紲 – taste of the Aji stone -” with it joined to also production, pulled out and was awarded quasi- grand prix with movie festival.