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Tablet Stand

Too heavy to hold? Here's the solution.

Tablet Stand

Your tablet is essential to your daily life, and making full use of it has never been more convenient. Connect a keyboard and your tablet becomes a PC, or sit back and watch your favorite movies...
The possibilities are endless. Now that you can keep it securely in place, you may even discover new uses for it.

10 inch more tablet

It is painful to use the tablet PC having in hand a long time .
10 inch more tablet

By connecting to the AZIsound, you can enjoy a large screen and a good quality of sound. Furthermore, Adjusting pins to the thickness of your tablet PC, you can use in a state where it is placed in the case.



    Because the optimum position of the center of gravity and body weight, you can get preeminent stability using the tablet PC in portrait position.

  • HOLD


    The rubber ring attached to the arm hold the iPad or tablet gently and firmly.



    This stand corresponds to any thickness of tablet PC by the pins that can be moved.

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