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Pen Stand

Cherish your favorite fountain pen

Pen Stand

The best way to keep your favorite fountain pen in proper working order is to use it every day. In addition to the pen’s smooth writing performance, you can now enjoy its aesthetic qualities as well.

Elegant presentation

Display fountain pen straight and horizontal.
Elegant presentation

Some fountain pens are designed with a uniform thickness from cap to barrel, but most are thicker at the cap.

Because of this, pens are slanted down at one end when placed on a horizontal holder, creating a feeling of unsteadiness. With the Azis pen stand, you can use the rubber sleeves on the holding pins to raise the height on either side by 0.5mm at a time. The result is an elegant presentation that you will enjoy whenever you are at your desk.

the rubber sleeves

To display your fountain pen straight and horizontal, adjust the height on either side using the rubber sleeves. The sleeves come in four different sizes, ranging from 5mm to 8mm in diameter.

Three new materials

Aluminum, acrylic, Quince wood, Quince wood (variant), Rosewood
Perfect pen holder

Perfect for your desk at the office or at home, the pen holder will elegantly display up to three different pens. The support arms are available in the original aluminum, as well as three new materials: acrylic, quince wood, and rosewood. The natural materials of quince wood and rosewood feature hues and patterns that are truly unique to the piece used.

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Pen Stand

Heigth : 127mm / Width : 84mm / Depth : 172mm
Aluminum, acrylic, Quince wood, Quince wood (variant), Rosewood

PRICE : 85,000 yen without taxStock / Delivery:BTO

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