Rich sound quality in a small size


The moment the music starts playing, the feeling of being completely enveloped in high-quality sound is unmistakable.

Aji-ishi Adds aesthetic quality to audio system

Desktop Sound
Desktop Sound

The S1 desktop audio system features an integrated amplifier, two small stereo speakers, and a compactly-designed subwoofer.

A rare form of granite known as“ Aji-ishi” is used for the bases of the subwoofer and amplifier, as well as the sides of the speaker enclosures, giving your system a truly unique aesthetic quality.

Prevent listener fatigue

Desktop Speaker type320
prevent listener fatigue

This precious and highly-valued stone is also utilized to tune the speakers to prevent listener fatigue, even after long periods of listening.
Connect your iOS device, CD player, or other audio source and start enjoying your favorite music over an analog connection.

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Desktop Audio Speaker


Maximum power output (amplifier) : 20W x 2
Maximum power handling (subwoofer) : 50W
Frequency response : 40Hz - 20KHz
Size (speaker units) : Speakers (L/R) 5cm
Subwoofer : 12cm
Total weight : 10.1kg

PRICE : 450,000 yen without taxStock / Delivery:BTO
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S1 Sub Woofer

Size (speaker units) : 12cm
Maximum power handling : 50W
H : 340mm / W : 170mm / D : 255mm
Weight : 5.7kg

PRICE : Please Ask Us.Stock / Delivery:BTO

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