A mild sound


It is difficult to provide a vast space for the audio system on the desktop.
However, we do not want to compromise on sound quality.
So we proposes a hybrid audio of the vacuum tube and digital to you.

The nuances of playing

Feel also the nuances of playing

Rich Harmonics Sound / Hybrid Amplifier

The S2 Hybrid Desktop Amp is an elegant fusion of a vacuum tube amplifier and high-efficiency power amplifier, housed inside a high-durability metal chassis. The preamp and power amp stages are completely separated – an ideal design for melding the warmth of analog vacuum tubes with the speed of solid-state.

The structure of the amplifier

Even at low volumes, you’ll be astonished at the quality of the sound. This hybrid amplifier can also drive those large speakers in your system with plenty of power to spare.

3D sound

Rebuild a sound source in 3D

3 Dimensional Image / Desktop speaker

The S2 Desktop Speakers receive the high-powered signal from the amplifier and beautifully recreate the full spectrum of sounds with great ease and impressively quick response. When you hear the deep and full-sounding low frequencies, you’ll swear the speaker units could not possibly be a mere 5cm in size. And you can take this depth to the next level by adding on the S1 series subwoofer.


Aesthetic beauty

Aji stone / White Sycamore / ash bar

The exterior is comprised of stainless steel and precious“ Aji-ishi” stone, which, in addition to acting as insulators, give your system an aesthetic beauty unlike any other.

aesthetic beauty

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Hibrid Ampfilier


Amplifier Maximum power output ■ 20W x 2, Ports ■ RCA input/output, subwoofer and 3.5mm mini-jack outputs, Dimensions/weight ■ 185mm (H) x 143mm (W) x 144mm (D), 3.2kg
Speaker Unit size ■ 5cm, Dimensions ■ 155mm (H) x 88mm (W) x 164mm (D), weight ■
1.4kg(One of the two)

PRICE : 220,000 yen without taxStock / Delivery:BTO
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Desktop Speaker

S2 Desktop Speaker

It's using a weight that is carved from brass.
It is possible to angle adjustment by the included spacer.

PRICE : 160,000 yen without taxStock / Delivery:BTO
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