Omnidirectional listening area


Freeing the listener from having to be in a specific spot for an optimal listening experience… That's what the CUE360 is all about.

A Stone disperses the sound

The secret of sound field
A Stone disperses the sound

This omnidirectional speaker creates a wide and diffuse sound field, so that everyone in the listening space can comfortably enjoy the music, even while they move about the room. The secret? A stone sphere elegantly suspended at three points between the tweeter and woofer, which efficiently disperses the sound in all directions. The result is stereo imaging that is nothing short of breathtaking.

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Omni-directional audio system


Maximum output : 70W
SPL : 85db
Frequency response : 40Hz ~ 20KHz
Crossover frequency : 6,000Hz
Speaker unit size : Woofer / 15cm Tweeter / 40mm
Total weight (incl. Aji-ishi stone base) : 20kg
Dimensions (incl. Aji-ishi stone base) : 1,215mm (H) x φ 270mm (D)

PRICE : 1,000,000 yen without taxStock / Delivery:BTO

This product due to the end of production, we are only able to sale inventory. Please contact us for stock.

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